Graphic Design

I have over two decades of experience in print and PDF design. I work with international teams producing ads, newsletters, press kits, posters, books and other creative materials.

Book Design 

Full-service book design—from cover design to typesetting, page layout and preparation of illustrations.

• Oxford University Press
• Oolichan Books
• Life & Death Matters
• FriesenPress
• Island Illustrators Society
• Quince Books Canada
• Wyatt & Son

Icon Design 

Icon design for software and infographics is like designing a new language—a set of hieroglyphics that are interrelated, their meaning and relationship to one another obvious at a glance. The result is an attractive, consistent set of icons that speak their function.

• Strata Inc.
• Holy Cow Communication Design
• Cardiocomm Solutions Inc.
• AOL Japan

Periodicals & Newsletters 

Interactive PDF and print design including infographics for newsletters, magazines, catalogues and reports. 日本語関係の出版物レイアウトもできます。

• Honda Motor Co. Ltd. (via SAI Inc.)
• Asian Productivity Organization (via SAI Inc.)
• Tokyo Broadcasting System (via SAI Inc.)
• TransPac Education Services
• Cambridge University Press (via TransPac)

Print Collateral

Brochures, posters, postcards, art cards, invitations and sell sheets to promote your business, product or event.

• SAI Inc., Tokyo
• Digital Jungle, Tokyo
• TransPac Education Services
• Saanich International Student Program (via TransPac)
• Cambridge University Press (via TransPac)
• Life & Death Matters
• Island Illustrators Society
• Artists including Joanne Thomson, Debra Bernier,
  Margo Cooper, Olga Lang

Language Conversion (“Versioning”)

I can take your existing Japanese language brochure, report or catalogue and replace the content with an English translation. I have access to a team of translators who can produce highly polished English copy from your Japanese source. I can also work the other way, creating Japanese language materials from your English language source.

• Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (via SAI)
• Fuji TV, Tokyo (via SAI)
• TransPac Education Services
• MHM Limited (via TransPac)