Digital Illustration

3D Product and Prototype Renderings 

Why use 3D product renderings?

You have a new product but it is still in the design or prototype stage. You can’t photograph the prototype because it does not match the look of the final product. But you need promotion materials now, before you go to manufacturing.

Or, your product is in manufacturing but it doesn’t photograph well. You want it to look its best in your brochures, and need a “sweeter” look that cannot be achieved with photography.

Product renderings are a cost-effective alternative. You’ll get a pristine image with no dirt, scratches or fingerprints. Results are consistent because of the controlled conditions of the virtual environment. It’s better than a photograph, better than real!

Once a photo shoot is finished, it can be difficult to recreate the lighting conditions for a re-shoot or for similar products. With 3D renderings we can come back to them at any time. For example, if you have a food product in several flavours, I can swap the labeling so you get consistent results for each version—even if you introduce new flavours months or years later.

You’ll get best results at the lowest cost if you can provide CAD files of your product.


Spot Illustration and Display Graphics 

Add depth and solidity to your diagram, map and spot illustration needs with 3D renderings for:
• Advertising collateral
• Trade show booth graphics of any size
• Banners
• Brochures


Bring your 2D logo into the third dimension so that it really pops. Your logo will take on a sense of solidity, material, and precision craftsmanship. Add drama to your corporate image!